Exciting News!

Bryair Mechanical are excited to announce a new partnership with NESA Robotics. NESA Robotics is committed to helping clients create safe and healthy environments and are proud to offer the UltraViolet Defence (UVD) Robot and GoBe Telepresence Robot. The UVD Robot uses UV-C to disinfect large areas quickly and efficiently allowing complete disinfection of a 25m² office in under 6 minutes.

Together with E-Co, who are the UKs foremost company for high-intensity UV-C solutions in HVAC systems. Using world renowned technology from SterilAire™, we help implement Indoor Air Quality Improvement strategies and programmes for commercial, institutional and healthcare premises. Green and efficient, our UV-C technology destroys bacteria, viruses and mould, creating cleaner safer and more productive work environments while considerably reducing HVAC operational costs.

James Bryers owner and Director of Bryair Mechanical said “I am delighted we have secured the partnership with NESA Robotics on top of our partnership with E-Co. These two strategic partnerships allow Bryair to diversify its already strong offering of mechanical, design, installation and maintenance to a complete Covid-19 safe offering within the workplace”.

With NESA Robotics and E-Co we believe Bryair Mechanical can now offer a complete Covid-19 killing solution within the commercial space allowing staff to return to a safe environment which is completely disinfected and with superior Indoor Air Quality.

Please contact Bryair Mechanical () for further information and see how we can help protect your working environment.